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Do you own the airport car parks or airport hotels?
No. We make it possible to pre book online any car park or hotel at any of 22 airports around the UK. We are impartial, you choose the one that's best for you based on location, price, car park security or availability.

Why do I need to pre-book?
Many of our prices represent substantial savings versus just turning up, and our price guarantee for parking and hotels ensures that you cannot buy cheaper. Plus, you can guarantee your parking space or hotel room when airports are busy.

Can I book at short notice?
Yes, you can book for today if need be. We can confirm your booking by email in minutes for you to print off and hand in on arrival. If you do not have email simply print off the confirmation page and hand this in as your booking voucher. If you do not have access to a printer, simply make a note of your booking reference and state this on your arrival.

I booked online but haven't received a confirmation by email. What should I do?
If your booking was successful you should receive a booking confirmation by email almost immediately. You should print this off and use it as your hotel/parking voucher. If you do not receive a confirmation, then either your booking did not go through or you mistyped your email address. If you think this may have happened please email or phone us.

Where can I find directions on the web site?
Full directions are given on the booking confirmation we will email to you after you have booked.

Can I get confirmation of my booking sent by post?
This option is available on the page where you enter your payment details, just click on the box and we will post your confirmation to you.

Can I pay over the phone?
Yes. If you wish to book your parking or hotel over the phone, call the Travel Desk on 0871 360 2002.

Why is a week calculated as 8 days and two weeks calculated as 15 days?
Charges are made from midnight on a 24 hour basis and the daily charge made by the car park is per whole or part day, regardless of arrival time.

Is there an extra discount for booking more than one car at a time?
No. Our prices are per vehicle and are already at a discounted rate

What does Gate price mean?
This is the daily rate charged by the car park. This can fluctuate and is subject to change.

I only require 4 days parking but the price quotes a minimum of 8. What does this mean?
There is a minimum amount payable for parking. 4 days can be booked and used, but there is a minimum charge payable for 8 days.

I only require 4 days parking at the hotel, do I have to pre-book 8 or 15 days?

You can pay the hotel for parking and just buy the hotel room from us, however it may cost you more than pre-booking parking you won't use.

I want to park my car before I fly but wish to stay at an airport hotel on my return, how do I book?
Not all of our hotels allow you to park before they fly, however this is possible in some hotels. We recommend that you choose a hotel with car parking on site at the hotel if you would like to do this. Call us on 0871 360 2002 and we will see if its possible to park your car prior to your stay.

Are cots available in the rooms?
We can request these at most hotels. Please make the booking and email us at or call on 0871 360 2002 with your booking reference. We will then request a cot for you. If a cot is not available we will try and make alternative arrangements for you.

I have booked a hotel with parking that is not on site, where do I get directions to the car park?
Our confirmation voucher gives directions to the hotel. When you check-in the hotel will give you directions to the car park and a voucher to hand to them as payment.

I want to stay on my outward and return journey and park my car for the duration of my holiday. Will it cost the same for both nights?
This depends on whether a supplement is payable for the parking in the package. The parking element is normally booked on the outward stay and the return stay is booked as accommodation only. Please refer to individual hotels.

Do you have a map of how to get to the Hotel/ Car Park?
Full directions of how to get to the Hotel/ Car Park are given on the booking confirmation. A map would be available from the Hotel concerned. The telephone number is accessible on the I confirmation of the individual product

What if I need more than the 8/15 days car parking at the Hotel?
Extra days are charged by the Hotel and and payable locally.

What do I do if I exceed the 8/15 day parking package?
You can pay the additional days locally at the hotel/car park, on your return.

Can I change the lead name on a parking booking?

It is not necessary to advise us of any name change, as our suppliers only check against the booking reference. They will not ask you for your proof of identity.

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